Help save the Earth with a 50% reduction in Cloud migration Energy, times and resources using 1Place.

What is the Problem?

Large Enterprise Database migrations (Oracle, SQL Server, MYSQL, Postgres) to the Cloud such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure can be slow, difficult to manage, costly and fraught with risk. 

Further complexity arises when near-zero downtime and real-time migrations are required for business-critical applications and environments. In this scenario, any downtime can cause significant operational and/or data loss issues.

If there is a problem with the database migration everything stops, then the troubleshooting starts and if a problem is found the delayed process can start many hours if not days later. Whilst the migration has stopped, both environments (On-Premise Source and Cloud Target) are still consuming significant energy and computing resources costing a significant amount of budget and most importantly wasting large amounts of energy.

Save the planet, time, and energy with 50% Migration savings using 1Place

Consider what an extended migration cycle is doing to your Organisation’s Green Credentials all that wasted energy, electricity, compute power, people resources and time. Any solution that reduces the outputs by a significant amount reduces costs and lowers the energy and carbon footprint.

1Place 1Cloud is the next generation of Enterprise Cloud Migration and Hybrid Cloud Management tools, allowing close to real-time and low downtime migrations. 

1Place delivers significant savings and is easy to use from within the Cloud and is fully integrated with cloud monitoring products such as Cloud Watch. 1Place delivers:

  • Green Sustainability with 50% Saving in Energy 
  • A suite of enterprise Cloud Management Software
  • A Single Multi-Functional Control Board and Real-Time Visual Display
  • A reduction in Cloud Migration Times by 50% 
  • Lower skills and expertise needed to operate complex database migrations
  • Increased Productivity for Migrations and Management 
  • Real-Time, Near Zero Down-time and Ultra-Fast Migrations 
  • 1000 Trees per 1Place Subscription (12 Months)

1Place commits to Green as 1000 trees are planted per subscription and renewals

With 1Place everyone wins (even the planet) with reduced energy and 1000 trees planted for each 1Place yearly subscription. This helps you meet your organisations green and sustainability targets, especially with power-hungry on-premise and in cloud servers.

How does 1Place Win Green?

1Place delivers a fully functional, suite of cloud migration tools that accelerate migrations that are up to 50% faster than current tools and approaches whilst at the same time lowering risk and simplifying the migration process via a single migration control board. 

Find out how you can save energy and achieve your migration goals!

To run a free trial and test 1Place for 30 days please visit the Amazon Marketplace here. Alternatively, contact the 1Place 1Cloud team for an initial consultation followed by a demonstration and if suitable request help for a Proof of Concept and benchmark the savings.