According to a new report by Reports and Data, the global data migration market is forecast to reach USD 30.73 Billion by 2028. 

Data is a crucial element that drives the success of an enterprise. It plays an essential role in the optimization of processes and influences vital aspects of strategizing and planning stages. Data has changed tremendously over the years in nature, quantity, and quality. With the growing volume of data, corporates are finding it hard to cope with the datasets, and are compelled to migrate to modern-day processing systems. IoT applications are being exclusively developed for storing and managing data in the cloud. Small and medium-sized enterprises(SME) are rapidly moving their data to public or private cloud.

The primary purpose of migration is to improve the performance and competitiveness of an organisation. 

1Place hybrid and multi-cloud unification software enable:

✔️ Faster Migrations (Hours not Days)

✔️ Lower Skills and Expertise Required

✔️ Data Line Troubleshooting

✔️ Data Synchronisation between Clouds

✔️ Visualisation of all Data in one place

✔️ Reporting and monitoring Visualised

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