1place MAP Service

The 1Place Migration Assessment Planning Service delivers a pre-defined package of deliverables to help organisations with their migration and Cloud management planning.

The MAP service is a discovery and sizing service that can be used to deliver the required metrics for:

  • Standard Database Migrations
  • Heterogeneous Database Conversions (Oracle to PostgreSQL)
  • Oracle GoldenGate Migrations for (real-time or no downtime)
  • 1Place Hybrid Cloud Management
  • 1Place Multi-Cloud Management using Amazon AWS or Azure
  • Cloud High Availability and Disaster Recovery using 1Place

This list is not exhaustive and bespoke planning services can be created based upon the MAP framework.

1Place Migration Assessment Planning Service

MAP Workshops – Organisations are helped to assess their current database estate and fully understand what tasks, resources, third-party products or licensing will be required to deliver the project.

The ‘to be’ database estate and resources can be sized to mirror the current workloads or enhanced so that workload growth is factored in to manage growth and any supplementary metrics such as storage, recovery and maintaining high availability.

The service is delivered as a Workshop based, fixed-price engagement with an agreed level of investment with no tie-in to use 1Place once the report has been delivered.

For further information please contact the 1Place consultancy team who can advise on the best approach and likely length of the engagement before a proposal is published for consideration.