Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Benefits

Business Reasons

1PLACE is built to allow organisations to leverage the power of the Cloud whilst still retaining total control over their data assets.  

1PLACE manages the initial data migration into the Cloud whether that is AWS, AZURE, Oracle OCI or Google Cloud.   

1PLACE allows business operations to reduce expenditure in both time and resources as migrations can be completed much faster and the expert skills required to run the migration are significantly reduced through an easy to use and understand interface.  

 With 1PLACE, cloud migrations are faster, better controlled and require less specialist resources. Once in the cloud 1Place will not only manage the sycronisation between the data sources it can also monitor to ensure the data is kept in sync.

Business Operations are enhanced can cost lowered with 1PLACE Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Services and Support.

Business Benefits include:

Technical Benefits include:

Technical Reasons

Technically 1PLACE is a comprehenisve migration management and monitoring tool. It works with Oracle’s GoldenGate software that in combination creates one of the most fully functional, easy to use and cost effective solutions.

The 1PLACE software has been developed to remove many of the inadequicies that plague enterprise migrations and reporting environments that need real-time data.

With over 22 functional enhancements that improve migrations, troubleshooting, management and monitoring 1PLACE is designed to reduce the technical expertise to operate GoldenGate and lower the cost at the same time.

Financial Reasons

The pricing for 1PLACE is dependent upon the model requested and whether the host organisation needs to purchase GoldenGate or use a pay-as-go model, however, two options are project-based time defined model, typically 3 months or a yearly subscription.

1PLACE lowers the cost of migrating data into the Cloud. It reduces the time taken to set up GoldenGate and to move the data between the host and the cloud.

With lower levels of expertise required to operate the migration and with the ability to manage and monitor the migration in real-time. 1PLACE reduces financial risk and provides financial certainty during and after the migration process.

With fixed budget cost models and support included projects can be financially sized and budgets set in confidence and with no nasty surprises. 

Financial Benefits of using 1PLACE include: