1PLACE FOr Oracle

Deliver Advanced, Ultrafast Oracle Database Migrations at a lower cost.
1Place has created an Optimised and Functionally Rich Migration Tool for Oracle Databases for use on AWS and Azure.

make complex Migrations For Oracle simple and cost effective.
1Place reduces skills and resources whilst increasing Cloud migration velocity by 50%
Realtime, Sychronised, Monitored, 24*7 SupporTED

1Place for Oracle. A Single View Dashboard with Real-time Monitoring

1Place is a comprehensive migration, management and monitoring product that creates comprehensive Database migration functionality with little downtime and delivers high speed migrations with inbuilt automation.
1PLACE improves monitoring and data issue resolution, saving significant time by notifying DBA’s where data migration failures have occurred at the data-line level.
This means that DBA’s can accelerate  migrations easily whilst Transformation Projects and Cloud Migration consume less resources, energy and risk when delivered using 1PLACE.


What Does 1Place do for Oracle?

1Place enhances and accelerates Oracle migrations the Enterprise Class and world-leading data migration tool.

1Place increases the speed and accuracy of data migrations across a wide range of Databases and storage technologies including Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres, No-SQL and  Informix.

Other data sources can be included so please contact 1Place for further information.

How does 1Place Add Value?

The Oracle Database is perfect for Mission Critical Applications however, production downtime for even a short time can financially impact the migrated platform. This means that organisations are able to move their non -production platforms easily whilst they struggle to move more complex applications supported by enterprise Databases such as Oracle.  

Organisations are finding it difficult to allocate the resources to undertake migrations and whilst the Cloud is more cost-effective getting to the cloud in a feasible time frame is much more difficult. 

1Place rapidly automates the set-up, configuration and delivery of both the source and target Oracle Database in minutes. With an easy download, pre-scripted installation including automated real-time troubleshooting that simplifies administration operations with fewer skills, risk and cost. 

Migrate Oracle Faster, Quicker and Sooner

How is 1Place Licensed?

1Place for Oracle, managed migration and monitoring can be delivered using the following models:
  • Paybythehour(PBTH)
  • Subscription (12 months or 36 months)  
1Place can be delivered by downloading an AWS Template or can be provided in a single server Data-Migration Box that includes a pre-configured instance of 1Place and Oracle Linux all configured and ready to be connected. Pre-defined versions are available for migration to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud. Full 24*7 technical Support is provided as part of the subscription and during the 30-day Free Trial. For more information please contact the 1Place Offices at hello@1place1cloud.com

Migration Data Trouble Shooting

Whatever the question is with your 1Place or Oracle Migration we have the tools and experience to help identify and fix configuration and runtime issues. We aim to transfer knowledge to the internal teams to enable self-sufficiency.

24*7 1Place Support & Monitoring

We support across UK Offices hours through to full 24*7 to ensure that your Data Migration project or installation is available and should any issues arise our proactive monitoring/support team are available to fix them.

Enterprise Security with Resilient Configuration

As with all enterprise-class systems and applications including Oracle the key to keeping users and customers happy is to maintain uptime and application availability therefore we have designed OnePlace to ensure Enterprise security is and built into 1Place

1Place Hybrid Cloud Integration delivers the power of Oracle whilst reducing the cost and time of your migrations at a hourly price you can afford.
With a range of enhanced functionality that is not currently present in many of the Public Cloud Portfolio's 1Place delivers Cloud Migration and Synchronisation across the Multi-Cloud.

Full 24*7 Support, Monitoring and GoldenGate expertise available!

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