1PLACE FOr SYBASE SQL Anywhere to POSTgres

Convert Sybase SQL Anywhere to Postgres SQL for ultra fast and accurate Cloud Migrations to your designated Cloud Platform whether AWS, Azure or GCP

Reduce your license costs and leverage the power of cloud hosting by migrating and converting your Sybase ANywhere Databases to Postgres SQL!
1Place For The SQL ANywhere Migrations for AWS, Azure and GCP.
Automated, Configured, Delivered, SupporTED 24*7

Ultra Fast SQL Anywhere to the  Cloud at over 80% Automation

Looking to quickly and easily migrate away form SQL Anywhere? Tried other migration tools or services that either don’t deliver fast enough or require too much manual intervention? Look no further! Our easy-to-use conversion and migration automation tool will help you get your SQL Anywhere databases into the Cloud. Plus, we offer 24/7 support for any questions or issues that you may have.

Get started today and take advantage of our 1Place for SQL Anywhere databases. Sign up for a consultation and discuss our migration services. Our 1Place Suite of automated tools and  provisioning software will do the rest, creating your new Postgres SQL database and installing all necessary software even in multi-location and dual-node Configurations.

You’ll be able to access your new Postgres SQL Database, and we’ll provide you with a fixed price for each Database you want to migrate and convert ensuring your budget is capped and agreed in advance. Click on the You tube image to watch a demo.


What Does 1Place do for Sybase SQL AnyWhere?

Looking to quickly and easily set up a conversion and migration of your legacy databases service into the public cloud? Look no further! Our defined database migration services including 1PLace significantly reduces the costs and risks of moving your critical databases to a new platform automatically. Plus, during the project we offer 24/7 support and Agile Project Delivery to ensure the project cadence is maintained.

Get started today and take advantage of our 1Place for SQL Anywhere for Conversion and Cloud Provisioning! Sign up for no fee, no obligation discussion where our experts will discuss your project, business and technical drivers so we can ascertain if we can help. If we can proceed 1Place has a defined delivery framework that uses a SPOC a Scalable Proof of Concept (SPOC) that defines the automation target required (e.g 70%+ automation) to demonstrate that the project can be successfully delivered. 

Our 1Place Suite of automated tools and functionality service will do the rest, creating your server and installing your newly created Postgres Database in the Cloud.

How does 1Place Add Value to Sybase Conversions?

You’ll be able to convert your SQL Anywhere Databases in its complete form  Views, Stored Procedures, Schemas and Data as ONQU will provide a fully converted Database even if some manual intervention is required.

If you’re not already familiar with what elements need to be required and what is needed 1Place will run a report listing what is on the database and how it is structured. You can even decide not migrate the whole database but certain sections of it.

Whether you have tried other tools, have a defined project or just exploring and researching what tools are out there 1PLace will give you the confidence and information to achieve an informed decision and accurately assess the investment you will need. ort can help you get the most out of your new server environment. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you set up, configure and convert your SQL Anywhere Databases.

1Place’s Conversion and Migration Services including:

  • No Fee Discussion and Project Context
  • Discovery
  • Scalable Proof of Concept
  • Server Sizing and Cloud Footprint confirmation
  • Inventory, Resource, Project and Investment Plan
  • Fixed Price Per Database Conversion and Migration 100% complete
  • Application Test Scripts embedded in 1Pace 
  • Sybase and Postgres Skills provided
  • JIRA Service Desk to raise tickets and manage knowledge base
  • Change Request Management 
  • Project Management and Agile Delivery
  • All of this service is provided using 1Place and a team of migration and conversion experts. With aa Web-Based Single View Panel for easy administration of your core project and migration fundamentals whether in AWS, Azure, Google or On-Premise.

For a demo or discussion on how 1PLACE Services can help you with your SQL Anywhere migration and conversion to Postgres plans and road map, especially to the Cloud please contact the 1Place 1Cloud Services Team.

hello@1place1cloud.com or phone 0121 594 0686

How is the Service Delivered?

1Place for SQL Anywhere is delivered using the following framework:

  • Fixed Price Per Database
  • On going Support post migration 
  • Delivered via Partners  

Pre-built versions are available for migration to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud. Full 24*7 technical Support is provided as part of the service. 

For more information please contact the 1Place Offices at hello@1place1cloud.com

Migration Data Trouble Shooting

Whatever the question is with your 1Place or SQL Anywhere Support we have the tools and experience to help identify and fix configuration and runtime issues. We aim to transfer knowledge to the internal teams to enable self-sufficiency.

24*7 1Place Support & Monitoring

We support across UK Offices hours through to full 24*7 to ensure that your SQL Anywhere project or installation is available and should any issues arise our proactive monitoring/support team are available to fix them.

Enterprise Security with Resilient Configuration

As with all enterprise-class systems and applications including SQL Anywhere the key to keeping users and customers happy is to maintain uptime and application availability therefore we have designed 1Place to ensure Enterprise security is and built into the software..

1Place Database Conversion and Migration Services deliver the power of Postgres SQL whilst reducing the cost and time of your migrations at a Fixed price you can afford.
With a range of enhanced functionality that is not currently present in many SQL Anywhere Migration or database conversion tools 1Place delivers fully automated conversion and migration services to help you successfully move to the cloud and benefit from lower database and support costs..

Full 24*7 Support, Monitoring and Postgres and Sybase SQL Anywhere expertise available!

Contact us today and Offer!!