1Place Video Tutorials

Remote Provision - 1Place Setup

1Place makes GoldenGate significantly easier to install and configure as it delivers GoldenGate expertise without the need for a GoldenGate expert. The software can be installed on a remote server provisioned in the cloud such as the Amazon AWS Cloud.

Credential Store - 1Place Setup

The 1Place Cloud Migration, Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud management software creates a secure GoldenGate credential store for Database replications. Users can be added and deleted and the software automatically adds directories and sub-directories in GoldenGate.

Once completed a wallet can be created to contain the master encryption keys used to ensure the source and target database is highly secure. You can add, view and renew the master key from the console. Also, the keys can be purged from the interface.

1Place supports multiple deployments across multiple environments and geographical locations. 1Place can copy the keys to different deployments. Transfers are made through an SSL port ensuring security is maintained. Users are easily added and shown in the video example with the ability to add more users, edit or delete them.