Do you have troubles with slow data migration speeds? 1Place can give you faster migration speed up to 46% faster and better ROI. 1Place is a comprehensive Cloud Control Board that contains a suite of Cloud tools, functions and monitoring technology that reduces the expertise required to operate, manage and support GoldenGate and 1PLACE DP.

The 1PLACE Cloud Control Console includes:

◾A simplified Cloud management console for GoldenGate implementation, for across the complete enterprise.
◾GoldenGate process monitoring, administration, management, and troubleshooting capability in a GUI console without using elaborate GoldenGate CLI commands and command-line knowledge.
◾A modern development paradigm using REST API for centralized Cloud monitoring and management.
◾A privilege-based secure GUI access to the GoldenGate deployment, thus avoiding any direct server access.
◾The central console is designed for remote installs/upgrades/one-off patching with built-in data comparison capability.
◾Enables both Database and Data migration in Real-Time

For a trial, discussion or an invite 1 to 1 functionality taster session please contact Steve Priestnall at 1Placle 1Cloud.

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