1Place Job Vacancies

Are you a Cloud DBA or Solutions Architect with GoldenGate experience who would like to experience and test a
revolutionary new tool that delivers Enhanced Cloud Functionality, making your cloud migrations faster, easier to
manage, whilst reducing costs and resources.
1PLACE fully integrates with GoldenGate to create a Cloud Solution that helps DBA’s with Cloud migrations,
platform management and monitoring allowing full control through a single dashboard, hence you can view all
your cloud environment and data in one place.

Advanced Technology and Functionality enhancements for Public and Private Clouds 1PLACE Supports:

A Single View of all your cloud environments.
Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Configurations with monitoring across all groups.
Faster Migrations in Realtime.
Advanced Trouble Shooting functionality.
Heavy Lift Data large project Migrations.
Lower-level experience and expertise to operate GoldenGate.

  • Over 25 GoldenGate Enhancements – Turn ‘GoldenGrate’ into ‘GoldenGreat’!!
    1PLACE has been created by experts that understand what GoldenGate’s short comings are and what functionality
    is required by Cloud DBA’s to run their cloud operations effectively without requiring deep dive GoldenGate
  • GoldenGate should be for the many, not just a few.
    1PLACE is democratising GoldenGate so that you no longer have to understand command-line operations and non-
    Oracle DBA, Technical Support and Solutions technicians can quickly learn how to manage large scale and complex
    migrations by using the visual builder and dashboard.

  • When migrations go wrong, or when data doesn’t sync or when your multi-cloud or hybrid environment needs a
    single view to ensure all data is maintained 1PLACE provides a single pane to monitor and then manage the Cloud
    Data across multiple platforms and locations.
  • ZETA Testers for 1PLACE are Required Today!
    We are on a mission to expand the use of GoldenGate across all platforms and clouds and we need your help to
    assess, experience and report back on how 1PLACE compares to standard GoldenGate, AWS and Azure migration

  • 1PLACE is not a solution for every situation however it does allow GoldenGate to be used across many more
    migrations and enhances the ability for DBA’s to deliver better Cloud Services with far more functionality design
    with Cloud in mind.

  • To download a 7 Days Trial version including all the software you need to get started and to know more please email us at

This role will be an integral part of the 1PLACE European, Middle-East, Africa (EMEA) delivery team. It offers the chance to build relationships with senior-level management in Enterprise Corporations using GoldenGate to deliver Public and Private Cloud Migrations. You will be providing pre-sales support to a revolutionary product that will influence the growth and adoption of Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud configurations. 

Typically working with:

Amazon Webservices
Oracle Cloud 

Key responsibilities include:

  • > Becoming the product champion of 1PLACE by creating deep knowledge of the product benefits, capabilities and applications for Enterprise Cloud Migrations with real-time troubleshooting, Management and Monitoring.
  • > Development of product demonstrations and case studies to support the sales operation across a diverse range of corporate market sectors.
  • > Delivery of pilot projects to support clients use and implementation of 1PLACE software.
  • > Providing client relationship management and project management for client delivery of 1PLACE software and partner community services.
  • > Assisting commercial and business development by identifying additional customer needs within existing clients.
  • > Uncovering and championing client needs to provide input to the product development team in terms of new product features, content and software functionality.
  • > Training and best practice advice to customers.
  • What experience will you need to have?
    > 1PLACE is looking for diverse perspectives and have several roles to fill.
    > We are looking for strong technical background, typically a DBA or Solutions Architect with a desire to develop strategic analysis skills and a broad experience in strategy and solution consulting.
    > As an example we would expect the applicant to be able to demonstrate the following:
    –5 years experience in Oracle database product sets.
  • –2 years experience of GoldenGate.
  • –1 to 2 years of strategy consulting or equivalent, demonstrating the ability to introduce new ways of working, manage customer buying processes, and deliver tangible results by supporting the sales teams.

> Track record in at one of the following roles:- Oracle DBA, Cloud DBA, Solutions Architecture, Oracle Pre-Sales, Software Tester, Cloud Migration Consultant, Oracle Technical Support.

> Track record in at least two of the following disciplines:- Private Cloud Migrations and Management, Public Cloud Migrations (AWS + Azure + OCI) Operations research, agile project delivery, Training, Technical Support, Presentations, Demonstrations, Report writing with business case/use case creation.

> Some understanding of Software Development and delivery cycles, team management, relationship building and idea promotion.

Who are you?
Ideally, we’re looking for a candidate with the following profile:

  • > Technical/Cloud Oracle DBA or Technical Architect
  • > Cloud Migration Tools including GoldenGate Snowball, Aws Migration Tools, Azure migration Tools
  • > A proven presentation and organisation skills
  • > Proven ability to build relationships and become a 1PLACE customer evangelist.
  • > Ability to explain technical functionality and present business idea’s in a clear and simple manner;
  • > Demonstrating an easy style whether presenting to technical or executive potential user groups
  • > The ability to become a product expert, skilled in product demonstrations and hands-on training.
  • > Ability to explore new uses of the product with clients and communicate these to product development.
  • > It is critical you demonstrate self-motivation, integrity, organisation, and attention to detail.

  • Compensation Plan:
  • > £70-£90k depending on role and experience.
  • > Plus Percentage Commission based upon closed sales, client retention and annual growth.
  • > Share Options after Qualifying Period
  • > UK Customers initially, with scope to expand into EMEA within 12 months.
  • To download a 7 Days Trial version including all the software you need to get started and to know more please email us at or submit here.

What Does 1Place do?

1Place enhances whilst simplifying Oracle GoldenGate the Enterprise Class and world-leading data migration tool.

1Place increases the speed and accuracy of data migrations across a wide range of Databases and storage technologies including Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres, No-SQL and  Informix.

Other data sources can be included so please contact ONQU for further information.

How does 1Place Add Value?

1Place is perfect for High Volume Data Transfer from one Database to the other allowing synchronous and asynchronous database migrations.

GoldenGate is rapidly growing within organisations that need to move to Oracle Cloud, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud or their own private cloud infrastructure.

However, for set-up and knowledge transfer, you need a partner with the expertise to help and guide you. This is where ONQU can deliver advice and transfer knowledge

How is 1Place Licensed?

1Place managed migration and monitoring can be delivered using a GoldenGate License as:

  • Bring Your Own License – BYOL
  • PayasyouGo (PAYG)
  • Subscription (12 months)

It can deliver by downloading an AWS Template or can be provided in a single server Data-Migration Box that includes a pre-configured instance of GoldenGate, 1Place and Oracle Linux all configured and ready to be connected.

Pre-defined versions are available for migration to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud.

1Place Hybrid Cloud Integration delivers the power of GoldenGate whilst reducing the cost and time of your migrations at a price you can afford.
With a range of enhanced functionality that is not currently present in GoldenGate 1PLACE delivers Cloud Synchronisation across the Multi-Cloud.

Full 24*7 Support and Monitoring and GoldenGate expertise available!

Contact us today and get the Limited-time Free Use Offer!!