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1Place Delivers Ultrafast Enterprise Database to Cloud Migrations

1PLACE delivers a comprehensive range of data migration, synchronisation, troubleshooting and visual monitoring functionality. It enables organisations to migrate databases and data sources and seamlessly manage their Cloud environments from a single dashboard and control panel.

How does 1Place work?

1Place significantly improves the speed of Oracle, Sql server and other Enterprise Database migrations whilst reducing the skills and expertise required to manage complex migrations and resolve issues much faster than current vendor cloud tools such as Amazon DMS.

What are the 1Place Benefits?

The creators of 1PLACE have the vision to enable organisations to leverage the power of the cloud and database management from a single screen and this has been achieved. Organisations can now manage their cloud deployments across on-premise and public clouds to create Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud operations.

Supports both Heterogeneous and Homogeneous migrations

Added to this benefit is the ability to not only migrate Homogeneous databases such as Oracle to Oracle in the cloud, 1Place supports Heterogeneous migrations where organisations can move from Oracle to open source or Big Data, no SQL databases such as Amazon Redshift, Hadoop and MongoDB.

Subscription model or pay by the hour

1Place pricing is based upon a yearly subscription model or pay by the hour Amazon AWS instance. In terms of licensing, 1Place can be combined with Oracle GoldenGate to support real-time and zero downtime migrations. Alternatively, 1Place can be used as a standalone product when some downtime can be afforded.

Amazon Market Place 1-click Download

1Place supports on-premise migrations to the AWS Cloud via the Amazon AWS Marketplace and this can be accessed by setting up an account and downloading the 1-Click Installer that pre-loads and configures 1Place

Migration Assessment Planning

To support organisations wanting to migrate enterprise and critical databases to the cloud 1Place can help by providing a defined Migration Assessment Planning service combined with a cloud migration strategy and delivery consultancy where required.


1Place Summary – Ultra Fast Easy to Use

1Place combined with migration services delivers a unique proposition to organisations requiring Ultra-Fast Migrations, with little or no downtime whilst at the same time reducing the need to employ high-cost resources that are typically underutilised once the migration set-up phase is complete.

Get In Touch

If you would like to test drive 1Place and receive help delivering a comparison between your current methods and tooling compared to what can be achieved with 1Place please contact the 1Place Offices or send an email to hello@1place1cloud.com.

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