Benchmarking has demonstrated a 50% reduction in time when using 1Place in comparison to current AWS migration tools

1Place – Next Generation Cloud Software for Hybrid Cloud Migrations and Management

1Place 1Cloud is the next generation of Enterprise Cloud Migration and Hybrid Cloud Management tools, allowing close to real-time and low downtime migrations. The 1Place functionality and dashboard provide a single view of all the data sources with complete synchronisation with real-time visibility. Should anything fail it immediately alerts the user and shows the issue, in detail. 

1Place creates more value in comparison to current Database to Cloud Migration tools by saving time and resources by up to 50%, saving valuable budget and significantly reducing costs. 

Why do organisations need 1Place?

Research by Public First has shown that many organisations are turning to the AWS Cloud to deliver their computing resources and reduce operational costs, whilst delivering greater value.

IT and business teams have been able to easily migrate non-production workloads, where outages, rollbacks and failed synchronisation between the data source and target have limited business impact and cost. However, difficulty arises when real-time and low downtime migrations of production data are required and the operational outage is a key driver.

Oracle Database Migrations

Oracle production databases tend to be much larger, are business-critical and outages or downtime creates issues with significant indirect and direct costs incurred. This makes Oracle migrations to Amazon AWS problematic, risky and potentially very expensive.

Traditional Migration tools are either limited in their ability to provide a high level of real-time or low downtime functionality or as in the case of Oracle GoldenGate are viewed as:

  • Very expensive

  • Very complex

  • Difficult to manage during post-migration

  • Requiring highly skilled experts with years of migration experience

How can you achieve 50% faster Oracle to Amazon Migrations?

So how can faster migration be achieved whilst reducing risk and improving the capability of the migration teams? 

By using 1Place Oracle Database Migration software for the AWS Cloud migration times are reduced by half. Benchmarking has demonstrated a 50% reduction in time when using 1Place in comparison to currently available AWS migration tools.

1Place also delivers a range of benefits and advantages including:

  • Simplification and functionality enhancement for Cloud Migrations and Management

  • Reduces significantly the skills and expertise required to operate complex migrations

  • Contains over 25 inbuilt Cloud Migration functionality enhancements

  • Enables Hybrid Cloud and Multi-Cloud Synchronisation

  • A Single Dashboard with Real-time troubleshooting and alerting

  • Is fully integrated into the Amazon CloudWatch Product

  • Is downloadable as an AWS Cloud Template with an easy install

1Place is a next-generation suite of cloud tools that plug’s into Oracle GoldenGate. The software delivers over 25 functional enhancements and integrates to AWS CloudWatch so that real-time active monitoring of migrations and ongoing management can be achieved. 

Distribution and Delivery Partner

1Place is a cloud distributed product currently delivered on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is distributed by ONQU Support who provide the licences and support services for the EMEA region.


Organisations can trial for free for 30 days and then apply for a subscription licence with the option of bringing your own GoldenGate License or having a subscription licence provided by 1Place.

1Place also offer a migration assessment and planning service for sizing migrations to help quantify resources and services required when moving to the cloud.

About ONQU Support

ONQU Support provides 24*7 Enterprise Software Support for organisations operating mission-critical and core production systems. ONQU is the distribution partner for 1Place and engages with partners to deliver licences and services to end-users.

For further information or to find out how to buy 1Place or become a partner please send an email to or phone 0121 549 0686.