Find out how the revolutionary new cloud migration software can save time, resources, budget and energy.

” Recent benchmarking using 1Place delivered migration speeds up to 10 times faster in comparison to traditional cloud tools such as Amazon DMS and Oracle Goldengate “

1Place Cloud Migration and Unification Software is launching a new advanced module that will deliver hyper-fast, enhanced compute and energy-saving functionality for database migrations such as Oracle, to Amazon AWS called 1Place DP.

1Place 1Cloud is the next generation of Enterprise Cloud Migration and Hybrid Cloud Management tools, allowing close to real-time and low downtime migrations. 1Place creates more value in comparison to current Database to Cloud Migration tools by saving time and resources by up to 50%, saving valuable budget and significantly reducing costs.

Migration Speed Benchmarking

A recent benchmark test has shown significantly higher database migration speeds are supported by 1Place. In comparison to current tools available to organisations wanting to move to the AWS Cloud using Amazons Database Migration Service (DMS) tools or Oracle GoldenGate, 1Place DP migrated an Oracle Database of 50GB at the comparative speed:

  • Amazon DMS = 7 hours

  • Oracle GoldenGate = 5 Hours 

  • 1PLACE DP = 0.75 Hours

This makes 1Place DP:

  • 9.33x Times Faster than Amazon DMS

  •  6.66x Times Faster than Oracle GoldenGate

1Place DP delivers value across the migration lifecycle by accelerating migration speed, lowering the skill sets to deliver complex, enterprise database moves and reducing risk. This is achieved by shortening the migration timeframe and delivering a wide range of functionality that helps with troubleshooting, monitoring and seamless integration with the Amazon Cloud via Cloudwatch.

With an intuitive, automated dashboard, migration tasks can be conducted by traditional IT support staff rather than cloud consultants and experts. If anything fails during the migration support teams are alerted not just to the problem but also where the problem lies and how the issue can be resolved. The dashboard also supports Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Management so once a workload is moved to a public cloud or clouds data can be synchronised and managed via 1Place.

For organisations wanting to reduce both the time, resources and energy consumption during a migration 1Place DP satisfies all of these demands and is priced on a subscription model for controlled investment management.

1Place are offering full consultancy support, training and advice for organisations wanting to move their Database estates to Amazon using 1Place and can be downloaded from the Amazon Market Place or can be supplied by 1Place directly.

Distribution and Delivery Partner

1Place is a cloud distributed product currently delivered on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is distributed by ONQU Support who provide the licences and support services for the EMEA region.


Organisations can trial for free for 30 days and then apply for a subscription licence with the option of bringing your own GoldenGate License or having a subscription licence provided by 1Place. 1Place also offer a migration assessment and planning service for sizing migrations to help quantify resources and services required when moving to the cloud.

About ONQU Support

ONQU Support provides 24*7 Enterprise Software Support for organisations operating mission-critical and core production systems. ONQU is the distribution partner for 1Place and engages with partners to deliver licences and services to end-users.

For organisations wanting to compare 1Place or deliver a Proof of Concept/Value and further information please contact Steve Priestnall at or phone 0121 594 0686

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