Ultra Fast Migration Speeds, Low Skill Operation with Automated Installation and Management


Complete enterprise database migration from a single console

1Place delivers a wide range of cloud migration functionality that accelerates your move to the cloud with less risk, resources and energy.

1Place takes the pain away from performing single mission-critical or multiple high-volume database moves. Challenges arise when the migrated databases  need to be managed and coordinated across multiple locations.

Multiple Locations, database types and service levels

Whether On-Premise, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Database Architectures require data to be kept synchronised, managed and monitored in real-time, all of the time to ensure service levels are met.

1PLACE enables organisations to seamlessly migrate and then manage their Cloud migrations and environments from a single dashboard and Cloud control panel all in real-time.

So whether your database is Oracle, MySQL, or SQL Server and is on-premise, in a private cloud, or single or multiple public clouds, 1PLACE delivers 1CLOUD for complete database and operational unification.

Migrations are 50% Faster with 1Place

As an example, 1PLACE Migrations are 50% faster, reduce risk, require much lower technical skills, enable real-time troubleshooting and save significant costs by reducing time to resolve issues and cloud storage costs.

1Place supports Oracle to Hadoop and/or Mongo DB data conversions, in real-time allowing large data sets to be converted and managed without the cost overhead and resources required to manage SQL databases such as Oracle.

Enterprise Cloud

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Supported Enterprise Databases

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GoldenGate Functional Enhancements

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Cloud Providers

1PLACE enables organisations to operate between On-Premise and the 4 main Cloud Providers: 

Enterprise Databases

1PLACE supports the following databases for production and reporting workloads including: 

Functional Enhancements

1PLACE includes and delivers over 22 enhancements to standard GoldenGate installations.

1PLACE enables Multi-Cloud data management, monitoring and support from a single dashboard and makes migrations and synchronisation easier with automated troubleshooting.

Business Reasons

1PLACE is built to allow organisations to leverage the power of the Cloud whilst still retaining total control over..

Technical Reasons

Technically 1PLACE is a comprehensive migration management and monitoring tool. It works with Oracle’s..

Financial Reasons

The pricing for 1PLACE is dependent upon the model requested and whether the host… 


1PLACE Benefits

With a comprehensive range of functionality enhancements that significantly improve migration tasks and  reduce the technical expertise required to migrate large data sets and keep them synchronised 1PLACE delivers to your requirements.

Functionality Enhancements Include:

Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud supported in 1PLACE

Creating Organisational Value with Multi-Cloud Synchronisation & Hybrid Cloud Data Management

Enterprise Class Software

1PLACE is built for GoldenGate Enterprise Software and follows best practices for security and data migration policies and procedures. 1PLACE integrates fully with AWS AZURE Monitoring ensuring any data under management whether in the Cloud or On-premise is managed effectively and comprehensively.

Easy to Install & Support

To ensure that 1PLACE can be used with the least amount of technical know-how installations can be achieved through template downloading via the major cloud providers. Also with an easy to follow installation process that uses wizard installation guides setting up 1PLACE is fast and trouble-free.

Cost Effective Pricing

The pricing for 1PLACE is dependent upon the model requested and whether the host organisation needs to purchase GoldenGate or use a pay-as-go model, however two options are project based time defined model, typically 1-3 months or a yearly subscription.

White paper download

Download the Technical Whitepaper as it contains further details of how 1PLACE can accelerate your Cloud Migrations, reduce costs and help manage and monitor your cloud platforms whether on-premise, hybrid or Multi-cloud.

Installation and support is made Easy

Organisations that are using 1PLACE will need a production copy of GoldenGate and this can be provided as a ‘Bring your own license’ or a subscription license provided by 1PLACE on a 12-month basis.